Angkor khmer temples

It is nearly sunset. Tuk tuk is rushing us to get on time for a first glimpse. Roads, vegetation, water, street stalls. Suddently, the river; kids splashing and swimming.
Road takes a turn and.. there we are.

So many pictures seen before.. Angkor Wat is right in front of us: buddhist monks in their orange colour are walking on the bridge, leaving behind them the majestic entrance; the towers stand at the very back; water surrounds it and inside; dragonflies; the sun goes down.

I tought the Angkor temples would be the less surprising thing about Cambodia for me, something you kind of “expect”.
Well.. those huge stone buildings, in the middle of trees and nature crawling on them.. massive stone steps and thousand of carvings of disappearing history; shades of red, green, grey and black all around; beheaded Buddha statues covered with yellow sparkling clothes and prayers.
The trees.. as if the trees and stones were melting in a love game, vast roots dividing the blocks and leaving those all messed up on the ground.
A French man at Ta Prohm, in his another century’s explorer look, strong accent and epic mustache, manifests to us his desperation in front of how much neverending work needs to be done to preserve all this…
I kinda feel this is alright: nature is at peace with the old temples, guarding all the secrets that once have been seen.
Men abandoned and tried to destroy. Nature is quietly caressing and covering it all in moss.





Sin título-1

Can’t say which one was my favourite. All of them had something special.. all of them in each surrounding.
Definitely travelling half the world to see this treasure with one’s own eyes is certaintly worth the effort.


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