It’s been just a bit more than a week since I came back from two weeks in Cambodia.
Coming back is always a difficult task.
South East Asia with its bright colours and anarchic chaos, people buzzing around and plenty of stalls in every street, markets, tuk-tuks, spicy and fresh food, gentle faces, the orange robes of the monks… it all makes conservative and methodic old Europe appear quite boring. Streets in Madrid sound totally silent compared to traffic in Phnom Penh or even in tiny Kampot!
Where are all the bikes and scooters and 10-can-fit-in-the-boot-minivans? Where food stalls and cows wandering along main roads? Where the smells of spices or much less pleasant Durian fruit? Where the mud, the rice fields and palm trees?
Al least it has been raining quite a lot since we came back: it makes me feel just a bit less far away and like if the sky itself shared my own sadness.

Amazing how topsy-turvy Asia quiets my messy head! 🙂    

I remember when planning the trip most people was surprised I would spend two whole weeks in Cambodia only. 

I have to say Cambodia hasn’t much architecture to see compared to maybe other Asian countries: the recent history they unfortunately have got, pretty much destroyed an entire country together with a fourth of population at the time.

But let me tell you: the khmer era temples that survived make the trip worth for themselves. Angkor is stunning and walking around such old carved stones, trees and nature breaking them in, green and red colours that mix with the grey and blackish of the stones, silence broken by insects and birds… it all does make you feel in a movie.  

And the rest of sixteen days? Well we felt we were still leaving out so many places to see..

Plus (a big one) people is nice, shy but easy going. Smiles and hellos pop up easily along the road. Food is amazing. Everywhere you look, lavish green and deep red surrounded by water.    

What makes you think 4 days in Angkor Wat is enough to spend in Cambodia?!?!?



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