Templestay in South Korea

Apparently not many Europeans travel to South Korea.
Can’t understand why as “The Land of the Morning Calm” is perfectly able to give many happy memories to come back with.
One of the best of mines is -no doubt- the templestay I did for two days in Mihwangsa Temple.
Located in Haenam, Jeollanam-do County, this temple is the southern-most one on the mainland; so close to the sea and tons of little islands but lost in the mountains it is a peaceful and idyllic oasis where few happy monks and people helping out live.
Green, red and dark brown colored wood buildings surround the main temple: ancient and faded from the outside, with a bright Buddha altar on the inside is a pleasant surprise.
The calm grey of monks’ robes, meditation before breakfast early – very early – , the amazing temple food, the smiles and warm welcomes, the most quiet and deep night sleep ever, the big bell tolling slowly in the morning, the crickets, mountain trekking and see the ocean from up there, the Buddhism chanting and the sweet mok-tak’s sound… what else can I say? Totally recommend it!!!
If you are interested, check it out on http://eng.templestay.com/





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