Anger management?

Sometimes people get on my nerves so much that a tiny crazy emotional irrational and Italian part of myself wishes it could smash somebody else’s head as if I was the Marvel super-hero of the situation and my life an animation movie.

But I do am a patient and calm person. Or at least I try to be. I tell myself to calm down, to count up to 10 and then I quickly check the Buddhist beads on my arm. I think what those mean to me, why and where I bought them. I think of the moments I spent at those places and the peaceful and calm energy I was getting out of it. I think of when I thought of the reason to buy these: to remember that I have to work to be able to travel; to calm down when people upsets me in a narrow minded environment that stupidly judges everyone without even trying to know…

I think I cannot be like them and I have to try to consider every single point of view even the ones that irritates me or appear to be stupid to me.

I touch the beads, remember the blue sky and the excitement of being in another part of the world, the colors of the wood, the smiles of the monks.

And the anger is 99% gone 🙂

How do you manage your anger?

China 10-23-2011 9-36-47 AM


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